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About Devgadbaria

Devgadbaria is a very important town and a municipality of the Dahod District which is located in one of the most important states of India, Gujarat. This town is settled at the foot of the hills near the eastern border of the state of Gujarat. This state is around 44 kilometers away from Godhra, 54 kilometers away from Dahod, and around 14 kilometers away from the famous Ahmedabad-Indore highway, or the NH-59. This highway was established in the year 1782. The state of Baria was known to be under the rule of the Chauhan Kings until it merged with the Indian Union. The very last rule of this town was married to one of the daughters of Gayatri Devi.

About Devgadbaria

Geography of DevgadhBaria

Devgadbaria is located at 22.70 degrees North and around 73.91 degrees East. This town is located on the banks of the Panam River.

Demography of Devgadbaria

According to the Indian Census of the year 2001, Devgadbaria is known to have a population of around 19201 people. The official languages of these places are Hindi and Gujarati.

Tourism in Devgadbaria

Devgadbaria is a beautiful and fast developing city of Gujarat. Each year tourists flock to this place to witness the mesmerizing and captivating beauty of the places. Sunset Point located in the Chougania Valley is a most visited place of the city. The amazing Panamriver meanders through this place. The tourists can view the sights of the egrets flying from the Tidki reservoir. There are a number of other beautiful places as well that should not be missed by the tourists coming down to Devgadbaria.

The Khos Valley

The Khos Valley is situated around two kilometers away from Chougania. This place is very famous for all the hiking trails. The place is located far away from the chaos and pollution of the town. There are mahua trees found here in clusters, and they are known to enhance the beauty of this place when they start shedding the leaves at the peak of summer. The leaves from the mahua trees are gathered by the farmers for making the mahua wine. This place is a must visit for every nature lover.

The Ratanmahal Sanctuary

The Ratanmahal Sanctuary is a very beautiful deciduous forest situated on the border of Gujarat. This place is located within the ecoregion of Kathiawar-Gir deciduous forest. Though parts of this forest are located in Madhya Pradesh, the greater half lies in Gujarat. This beautiful sanctuary is situated near the mesmerizing Panam River, which helps in maintaining the balance of the forest along with the conservation of water. The sanctuary is very famous for the population of the sloth bears, and hence it is also popularly known as the Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary. This place should be definitely visited by the nature lovers and the photographers.

Devgadbaria Palace

The palace of Devgadbaria is undoubtedly one of the most impressive tourist spots located in the town. The visitors are graced with the massive royal gates that are known to be erected right in front of the palace. The carvings are very attractive and they are very similar to the European castles. Foreigners flock to this amazing palace. This palace was the residence of King Jaydipsinh I. The palace is also known as the Rajmahal. History lovers would love to visit this place and be a witness of this amazing palace.

The Man Sarovar

The Man Sarovar is a very beautiful lake that is located in the town of Devgadbaria. This lake has been constructed to honor one of the great rulers, King Mansinh. This lake serves to remind the people regarding the amazing architectural styles. The place is perfect for the people who are interested in photography.

Transport in Devgadbaria

The town of Devgadbaria is very well-connected to the other towns and cities of Gujarat with the help of the various transport facilities that are available. The nearest railway station located to the town of Devgadbaria is the Piplod Junction, which is situated around 13 kilometers away from Devgadbaria. Trains are available from this railway station on a regular basis. One can also get a train from the Limkheda Railway Station. The nearest airport located to Devgadbaria is the Vadodara Airport, which is located around 141 kilometers away from Devgadbaria. Bus facilities are available which allow the commuters to travel daily. Private cars are also available.

Healthcare in Devgadbaria

Apart from being famous for its breathtaking locations, Devgadbaria also provides its locals with some of the very imperative services. Tourists can have a peaceful stay at Baxi Residence and Shiv Shakti Guest House. Among chemists the Shreeji Medical Store, Ashirwad Medical Stores and Shreenath Ji Medical Store are the most reliable ones and remain open for all the 7 days of the week. Gitanjali Children’s Hospital, Mamta Hospital and Sanjivani Hospital are among the top hospitals with best healthcare services to offer the residents of Devgadh Baria. Following is a detailed list of all these services:  

Mamta Hospital
Address: Suthar Wada, GJ SH 62, Devgadbaria, Gujarat- 389380.
Contact: 095376 05856.

Government Ayurvedic Hospital
Address: Near Bus Stand, Devgadbaria, Gujarat- 389380.
Contact: 02678 221 399.

Gitanjali Children’s Hospital
Address: Suthar Wada, Gujarat State Highway 62, Devgadbaria, Gujarat- 389380.

Sanjivani Hospital
Address: Dahod, SH-150, Dahod Road, Devgadbaria, Gujarat- 389380.

Niramay Clinic
Address: Devgadbaria, Gujarat- 389380.
Contact: 094280 29400.

Kailash Clinic
Address: Devgadbaria, Gujarat- 389380.
Contact: 094289 04979.

Chemists in Devgadbaria

Shreenathji Medical and Provisional Store
Address: Bus Station Rd, Devgadbaria, Dahod, Gujarat- 389380.
Contact: 026762 20283.

Shreeji Medical Store
Address: Main road, Devgadbaria, Dahod, Gujarat- 389380.
Landmark: Near KanyaShala.
Contact: 026762 20605.

Ashirwad Medical Stores
Address: Bus Station Rd, Devgadbaria, Dahod, Gujarat- 389380.
Landmark: Near Pramukh Hospital.
Contact: 9426566580.

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